About BioPsych Services

With twenty-four years of cutting edge clinical experience, Dr. Decker has actively enlisted his clients' inner wisdom and strengths to promote healing and personal growth. Together, he and his clients develop personally tailored strategies for meeting the challenges inherent in managing their own, as well as their loved ones' health and personal growth.

A person's healing may be health problem-based but emotional and psychological wholeness require active enlistment of the self. That's why our philosophy for growth focuses upon compassionate and skillful learning processes. One is guided towards re-framing the identified problems into new skills and competencies for successful healing and growth. Our work together is founded upon the principle that whatever clinical issues may present themselves, we are psychologically challenged by illness or emotional setbacks towards re-framing our personal journey. Incorporating new skills and competencies for insuring that continued journey is the aim of BioPsych Services.

Dr. Decker believes that people grappling with health issues benefit greatly from an objective, trained person who can provide a calm, non-judgmental environment in which the professional really listens and helps the client sort out the complex internal issues. He likes to say, "My role is that of a coach." Through empathic understanding and by teaching emotional coping techniques that lower anxiety and depression, clients are able to better express themselves and manage their own specific health and relationship challenges.

My role is that of a coach.- Bill Decker

ABOUT Bill Decker, Phd

I work with adults and adolescents in individual therapy but couples often consult with me - especially regarding family health issues. In addition, I work specifically with couples who are interested in changing and improving their relationship challenges. My treatments are based upon mutual understanding, respect, and trust. Initially, I work by listening and working actively with the patient/s to gain a deeper understanding of the tapestry of their lives. Often the impact of earlier life experiences, as well as repeated patterns of behavior may underlie or shape symptoms. My specialty areas include health and behavioral medicine interventions, stress management, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, marital challenges, career/work concerns, and grief and loss.

Dr. Decker received his undergraduate degree from California State University at San Diego in Psychology. He then attended the University of Connecticut for his Ph.D. in Community (social and clinical) Psychology. He was an assistant professor of Community Psychology at Pennsylvania State University at the Capital Campus. Dr. Decker then served on the graduate faculty and taught Health Education at the University of Maryland at College Park. He has been in private practice for twenty-four years, first in Annandale, Virginia and currently in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr. Decker lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and has three grown children who have all left the nest. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and attending games for his favorite sports teams.